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Support groups can be a great resource for those going through difficult times. They a safe and supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences and receive encouragement from others who understand what they're going through. Whether you're dealing with a mental health issue, addiction, or a chronic illness, joining a support group can help you feel less alone and more empowered to overcome challenges.

Courageous Connections: Survivor Support Collective


Welcome to our monthly support group for adult survivors of childhood abuse and neglect Our group is focused on healing and providing a safe space for individuals to share their experiences and support one another. We also provide dinner during our meetings to ensure that everyone is nourished and comfortable. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Art and Growth (Coming Soon)

In this art mindfulness class, you will learn how to use art as a tool for relaxation and stress relief. Through guided meditation and creative exercises, you will explore your inner self and express your emotions in a safe and supportive environment. No previous art experience is necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to explore your creativity.

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