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My Story

Dr. Randi Crabtree M.A., MPhil, LPC

Life can get difficult, and sometimes a little help from a professional Psychotherapist can improve things. I care about your well-being and provide you all the tools you need to seize the day and learn how to tackle even the most traumatic circumstances. You must also know a bit about me and my background if you allow me to join you on your path.

I began my journey to help others through counseling in 2009 by attending Kilgore College, where I obtained my Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degrees. In 2017 I graduated from LeTourneau University with my Master of Arts in Counseling. In 2019 I completed a Masters of Philosophy at Walden University for Developmental Psychology. I am in the final phases of completing my Doctor of Philosophy degree in Developmental Psychology with a specialization in Child and Adolescents development. I have focused the last decade of my education on learning and researching the impact of abuse on human development. I aim to use the knowledge gained in this academic journey to help change the cycle of violence and improve the future one adult at a time. 

Since 2019 I have provided counseling services to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse at the Women's Center of East Texas. In 2022 I decided to branch out and make my services available to a larger group though private practice. 

Interesting Facts Behind my Story:

I am also a survivor of abuse and used my experiences to motivate myself to help others through pursuing an education in counseling and psychology. 

As a counselor, I value the honor and trust clients provide in their choice to work through their trauma and emotional struggles. 

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